A Year in Reflection

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 14 Jan 2014 0

What starts out as what I think of as a challenging year, in reflection, was a pretty amazing year of milestones professionally, personally and in the life of The Pregnancy Centre.

In January I received my certificate as an Elite Personal Trainer from Australian Fitness Network, the first certificate of qualification I have received since graduating as a Physiotherapist back in 1987.

I was one of 3 expert advisors for the panel who worked with Fitness Australia to help develop The Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness Guidelines which were launched in 2013, by Fitness Australia.

I also was ‘sold out’ to the amazing work of Dr Sara Gottfried, the Harvard trained Obstretrician/Gynaecologist who wrote the book published in March 2013 called The Hormone Cure. I became one of her The Hormone Cure Evangalista’s and enrolled in several of her programs and courses to continue to learn more about natural hormone balancing for women – firstly by working on myself!

This year I have kept to my starting point of declaring that it would be a Committee Free year, which I posted amongst my Facebook friends to help to keep me accountable, and I DID IT! The first year in 12 years that I have been committee free!

On a personal note, we moved! What a challenge that was, but our lives have transformed in every area – our environment means that we are now surrounded by water at almost every turn – which is lovely after living inland pretty much since 1987, after moving to the Goldfields when I graduated as a physio.

We live in a home that is ours, our kids are settled into a new school, and we’ve shops and facilities around us like never before.

So amongst the challenges, we are moving forward to work to complete many of the processes for The Pregnancy Centre that have been incubating and “waiting to be hatched”, and we look forward to bringing many of them to light in 2014.

Thank you for your support, and may your New Year be enjoyable, prosperous and very fruitful.
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