I found my marbles!

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 22 Oct 2013 0

Sounds strange, but about 5 months ago, well before we moved or knew we were moving, I bought a tall vase looking glass blue jar, and some marbles. I was going to be dedicated to implementing some of the self care practices that Dr Sara Gottfried, author of the book The Hormone Cure, suggested.

Each time I practiced 5 minutes of self care, just for me, I would put a marble in the jar. Well, that started and I barely covered the bottom of the jar, and the moving started. Easy to put this practice away when that sort of thing happens, especially when it is totally unplanned for.
So, the jar carefully was placed on the floor, in a corner of the room where some other breakable things were, as my office cupboards and cabinets where it was stored, were moved piece by piece to where we are now (we were moving ourselves). And my marbles were carefully placed in a small box (I bought lots of packs of marbles, so that I would be really serious for the first time in a long time, about implementing some deliberate and additional self care.

So the box came over to our house, and was pushed back to be safely stored at the back of some shelves, early on in the moving process, which overall took 3 months. Great to be gradual in some sense – especially picking up a utensil jar from the bench, putting it in a safe place in a box in the car, and putting it on the bench in the new home (well not so new as we have had it for 7 years but never actually lived in it full time).

In one of her talks Dr Sara suggested that we close our eyes, and check in with our ‘fuel tank’. Where do we measure it, and how full is it? Are we full, are we half full, sniffing fumes?

Being at the bottom of the jar with my adrenals – I was sitting low on the reserve tank it felt. Her friend had a practice, where if she was under ¾ full she would immediately increase her level of self care – gladly Dr Sara even felt this challenge at times. This is why this comes as an important practice for women. With a tendency to over provide and to over give, we need to regularly implement practices to refill our own fuel tank, so that we can give to the others around us. The essential principle of “put your own oxygen mask on, before you help someone else”.
So, I found my marbles and last night stopped before dinner, and did some stretches, lay on the floor for a rest, and I can count that in as my first 10 minutes of time = 2 marbles!
Have you got any ways that you prioritise your own self care that would help others? I invite you to write them here and join us in “lifting our health to new heights”, by looking after ourselves first (for at least 10 minutes 3 – 4 times a week is Dr Sara’s suggested Tiara time - Oh I found my Tiara too!).

So please share your ideas in the comments section below.

Lori 6/02/2014 7:09:12 AM Oh you are so funny! I started reading her book but kept forgetting about it (bought it as an ebook - so not the same as a book in your hands)! I bought some Tiaras to give to patients and now I will go buy some marbles! Thanks for sharing, Dianne!
Dianne Edmonds 6/02/2014 1:01:14 PM Thanks Lori! Great idea to give Tiara's to your patients! Love it.
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