The Reality Slap - How to survive and thrive when life hits hard

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 03 Feb 2021 0

Bestselling Australian therapist and internationally acclaimed expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dr Russ Harris, shows us how to survive and thrive when unexpected events throw our lives into chaos.
We’ve all had them: those moments when life suddenly deals us a painful unexpected blow. It’s a shock, and it hurts, and it knocks us off balance; we struggle to stay on our feet, and all too often we fall. These ‘reality slaps’ can take many forms – from the death of a loved one or loss of a job to a serious illness – or even a global pandemic. And whatever form it takes, it hurts!
With practical, powerful methods based on cutting-edge scientific research, this guidebook gives you all the tools you need to handle the pain and rebuild your life, even after the most serious of setbacks.

In 2015 Russ wrote a self-help program for the World Health Organisation, which they’ve been using in refugee camps around the world – to help people cope with the stress and trauma of those awful conditions. And in mid-2020, the WHO released Russ’s materials as an illustrated guide for coping with COVID-19. The new edition of The Reality Slap draws heavily upon this material.

Fully revised and updated from the original, this new edition has over 50% new material. It contains a wealth of tools, techniques, and knowledge on how to cope effectively when life hurts, using the scientifically-proven methods of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
Written in kind, supportive voice with lots of examples and exercises, The Reality Slap is a deeply compassionate guide to coping well and finding meaning and fulfilment in the face of loss and crisis. An essential reference book to navigate the choppy waters of these uncertain and stressful times.

Dr Russ Harris is a medical practitioner, psychotherapist, and bestselling author of The Happiness Trap – which has now been translated into 30 languages and sold more than 1 million copies. Russ is one of the world’s leading authorities on ACT and has trained over 40,000 health practitioners in the approach. His other books include The Confidence Gap, ACT With Love, ACT Made Simple, and The Happiness Trap Pocketbook.
Published November 10 2020, The Reality Slap is available from and wherever good books are sold.

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