My favourite muffins

Written by: Jeanette Malcolm Posted on 24 Mar 2012 1

Written by Jeanette, mother of two. This recipe was given to me by our Grandma who is now 84 years young. It’s an absolute favourite in our family. I love making these to have on hand over the weekend. They are great to take on picnics and handy to pop in school lunches.

Are you confidently doing the WRONG thing?

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 17 Mar 2012 0

Lately there have been a number of articles on postnatal exercise, and getting back into shape after pregnancy, but many still ignore the pelvic floor! With the rise of the plank and hover exercises, women seem to be advised to go from gentle abdominal postnatal bracing exercises working the transversus abdominus, straight to hovers , planks and sit ups. That is like going from Kindy to High School in ...

"Mum, what's for dinner?"

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 09 Mar 2012 0

“Mum, what’s for dinner?” is the most common chorus that echoes down my hall way about 5pm. Sometimes I dread to answer that question because often I haven’t quite decided myself or because I know my children are not going to be particularly pleased with the answer.

Why am I eating this?

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 02 Mar 2012 0

One day a few years ago, I realised I was eating sausages because that’s what my son liked at the time, but I remembered that I actually didn’t like sausages. Well very rarely, they had to be good. So what am I doing eating this? How can someone who knows about health and fitness slip into bad habits? I can list as many excuses or “reasons” as anyone.

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Dianne Edmonds 16/05/2018 8:06:00 PM Thanks Shelly,

You are definitely right there, and I am interested to see how the "over time" evolves now with some deeper thought and reflection following your inspiring blog, and the future work that you do.


Shelly Prosko 16/05/2018 5:15:11 AM Dianne, thank you for sharing your thoughts and for sharing my blogpost!

It's fascinating to watch ourselves change and interpret things in different ways as we gain different experiences over time, isn't it?

Thank you for your support and for all the work you do in service to others!


Dianne Edmonds 28/08/2017 9:07:47 PM That's great Shantelle, all the best.

Shantelle morrison 28/08/2017 8:40:47 PM I feel happy that this helped me I'm about to have a baby just find out thanks

Dianne Edmonds 2/08/2017 2:35:05 PM Thank you for this comment. Glad that it was helpful to you. Dianne