One Book Was All It Took

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 21 Jul 2022 0

I loved opening the box to receive this book.

Books have always had a big place in my life and my bookshelves are full, but there is always room for 'one more'.

One Book Was All It Took from EK Books, was released in July, by Wendy Shurety and Amy Calautti.

Propping an extra cushion behind me I sat to take the time to read this children's book - now it's out of the box. 

If there is one place those who love kids' books adore as much as a book shop or a cozy bean bag in a sunny reading corner - it's a library!

The newest picture book release from EK Books celebrates these hallowed halls. One Book Was All It Took, by Australian duo Wenda Shurety and Amy Calautti, is a story about how an unfolding chain reaction, triggered by just one book, can result in a shiny new library.

With flood-affected communities around the east coast acutely aware of the value of libraries as an important community resource, after some were damaged or even destroyed earlier this year, this story will resonate as much as it will entertain.


Available from EK Books  you can also watch the video here

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