Sleeping - How can I improve my sleep quality?

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 02 Jun 2016 0

Sleep is such an important part of life - rejuvination and rest are needed to continue with fully functioning in daily life. While often during pregnancy and with babies and small children, this is a time of interrupted sleep, there are still things that can help to improve the quality of sleep that you do have. Knowing too about some of the things that may interrupt sleep patterns can be helpful so that you can avoid or reduce them.

Here, in Dr Steven Masley's article Do You Get Enough Sleep, he explains some of the issues around sleep in our society today. Affecting mood, weight control, energy levels and rejuvination of your body, invest in finding one thing you can do towards improving the quality of your sleep t
his month.


Reply below with which tips you find best for you (or your clients if you are a personal trainer or health professional).

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