Is it easier to go shopping than to do your pelvic floor muscle exercises?

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 25 Mar 2014 0

I was just looking around at women in the shopping mall with babies and toddlers, and thinking – it’s much easier to set time to go shopping than to set time to do pelvic floor exercises. Or is it? What about if we consider that there are numerous opportunities during a shopping trip to also invest in your pelvic floor. We are meant to be able to multi-task after all!

Firstly, if you are sitting upright in your car and you need to stop at the traffic lights, then this is one opportunity to do some quick lifts so that you don’t get caught concentrating too long and miss the lights turning green.

Next, while you are waiting to get your child out of the car, take a moment to think ‘lift’ your pelvic floor, before you lift your baby or your toddler. If you are standing waiting for your toddler to emerge from the car, ground your feet, take a slow deep breath and tune in for a moment to how your posture in your pelvis feels. Can you make some fine tuning adjustments to this area that is about to carry your baby or toddler, or is already carrying and supporting a baby inside if you are pregnant? Remember your pelvis is holding your pelvic organs up inside and these are supported by your pelvic floor muscles. Set your pelvis right in position first. It makes it easier to lift, carry and hold your baby, your toddler and shopping without feeling the overload later on.

While standing pushing a pram, think to stand tall. Setting your upright posture next will also help to set your pelvic floor in position. Lift your head and think on purpose about what it is that you want to get out of this shopping trip. Can you lighten your load if you think that running overtime is going to leave you frazzled? Maybe save some things for the next time you visit the shops.

What about sitting down for a break to give your pelvic floor a rest, in the middle of the shopping spree? If you do need to stop for a toddler rest or to settle a baby, or for a drink, pause for a moment and take a deep breath again. Connect into your heart for the moment and enjoy what you can right that very minute. Amongst the busyness of the people around, can you pause for a moment to connect to your core and feel the ease of a fresh breath entering deeper down? Let this moment ground you and centre you, rather than feeling tired and off balance which can often come from `trying to get things done’ with a time limit between feeds or toddler nap times.

While you are standing at the check-out or waiting in a queue, this is another moment for centring and feeling your feet for a moment. This is called “grounding” where you feel your feet on the ground. At home when you are bare foot, the connection can increase your calm, but in the shops, feel and connect to your feet first and then take another moment to connect to your core. If you have time, feel the lift of your pelvic floor here, with an easy breath continuing and hold your muscles up while waiting for the checkout attendant to process your goods or your payment.  

Holding your pelvic floor up while talking to a toddler is a greater challenge – one that is not easily mastered in the midst of a shopping trip, but perhaps something that can be aspired to.
Finally in carrying the load, think, does your pelvic floor need a little lift to help provide the support? If you are walking, think tall again and draw in gently at intervals as your muscles will let go with longer holds especially when you are moving.

If you are driving, enjoy the moment that you do slide back into your seat again and finish with one last PF lift on the way back, if you are able to.

At home, after the unpacking, do one more deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. No matter whether it was a five minute trip or a two hour trip, you will have accomplished something, so give yourself a “Good job Mum” congratulatory hug and put your shoulders back for the next step in your day.

Have you got any ideas that have helped you work on your pelvic floor while shopping?

Please share your ideas below.

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