Anzac Ted - a story book opening the world of the Anzacs to Aussie kids

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 02 Mar 2015 0

Receiving this amazing book from the publisher was such a blessing, it is a heart rendering story touching the depth of spirit of the Anzacs. As we approach another Anzac Day next month, this book will form the perfect gift this year.

Anzac Ted is the story of a teddy bear who went to war with the Anzacs and through courage, loyalty and love helped to bring our soldiers home. Passed down to a little boy by his digger grandfather, Anzac Ted may look scary, but this battered old bear is an unsung hero.

Without telling any more of the story, this book has been written and illustrated by Belinda Landsberry, and is her first published book. As Mother to four children - two grown-up and two teenagers - Belinda will hold the impressive record of having made school lunches for 30 years straight when her youngest daughter finishes school in 2018.

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