Engaging Adolescents - a new book for parents with Teens

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 25 May 2017 0

When I started The Pregnancy Centre, I was "pre pregnant", and there were a couple of years dedicated to nurturing and getting The Pregnancy Centre up and running. Many moons ago. Now I have teens!!! So when this book came across my desk as an opportunity to read, from Exisle Publishing, I said a big YES and one third of the way through I am appreciating the revelation and insights from registered psychologist Michael Hawton with over 30 years of experience. Dianne

He reveals the biggest mistake time-pressured parents make, and what they can do to get their kids back on track.
Parenting teenagers can be tricky at the best of times. But when the tough issues arise — behavioural problems, unacceptable risk-taking, bullying, alcohol abuse — things can get extremely difficult and parents can struggle with what to do.

Drawing on psychologist Michael Hawton’s 30 years of experience, Engaging Adolescents is a practical guide to help you steer your teenager through the challenging times with confidence.
Hawton says the rushed “drive-by” conversations stressed parents have with their teens can be counter-productive. People dealing with adolescents need tools to defuse their own reactive responses, learn how to slow down and come to important conversations with their kids better prepared. 
Young adults, whose identities are emerging, need to be given the opportunity to learn to control impulses and self-regulate behaviour, to problem solve and negotiate. To facilitate this the adults in their lives need to commit to having those important conversations, without being in the vice grip of emotions that can derail the communication.

Just like paramedics, who train so they are prepared to deal with crisis situations, Hawton says parents can learn to ditch reactive responses and focus on solutions by being well prepared when they engage with kids on important issues.

Using case studies and based on universally-accepted mediation techniques, Engaging Adolescents covers the following areas:

  • teenagers and what helps them develop personal control
  • how to sort out behaviour so you don’t over react
  • proven, practical methods for managing tempestuous teenagers.

This is a highly practical, skills-based book that gives you the tools to resolve conflict and build better family relationships.

Michael Hawton is a registered psychologist with over 30 years of experience. He is a listed clinical expert with the NSW Children’s Court and an expert witness in the Family Court of Australia. A former teacher, Michael has spent much of his career working with parents and their children, and has been teaching family services workers and educational leaders in the area of behaviour management for over a decade.. A father of two, Michael brings a clear and unambiguous method-based approach to help parents experiencing difficulties with their teenagers’ behavior.

Engaging Adolescents is available from www.exislepublishing.com.au and wherever good books are sold. RRP $29.99. Available May 1, 2017

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