Taking the plunge

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 24 Nov 2012 0

On the other side, three days later, since writing this - is experience, a lot more ideas, and the satisfaction from having spent two days with some awesome fitness professionals. Looking back and looking forwards is always interesting, and to see how far we have come, we often need to stop for a moment and reflect.

"The Pregnancy Centre is taking the plunge and tomorrow we are running our first course for Fitness Instructors on Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise. Some passionate instructors are coming together for two days, and we are going to have some fun. But the day before, although I know I am well prepared, but I am also a mum, I am still looking for my ‘inner calm’.

So today had to be the day after, my husband goes away for a course for the week, just when I am running my first two day course since we moved to Boddington. It’s the day after my child finds out more of the details about moving to the high school area next year. And it’s the day after yesterday, when I had a completely calm day (before the end of school) listening to a new area called Heart Mastery, a course I received free at the end of a Dr Sara Gottfried course, with part 1 of the beginner course workbook right next to me called – The Shift to the Heart.

So , needing to find my inner calm, I now realise I can take some more deep breaths, and expand them to three deep luscious breaths , which is the way that Dr Sara describes them. I can tune into my heart breathing, where I can shift my focus and attention, and I can sit tall and integrate all three of these things together. I can expand my capacity. I can cope with more than one thing happening at once. I am a mother, and just like a woman who can expand her family and her capacity, I can expand and cope with mine!

Ok, well I do feel calmer expressing this! What can you express to enable more inner calmness into your day. Thank you for your continued support as you read our blog, and for staying alongside us as we develop and grow in our part of this western world."

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