You Sexy Mother - A life-changing approach to motherhood

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 03 Nov 2015 0

Recently another book came across my desk from Exisle Publishing - one that caught my eye. "You Sexy Mother - a Life-changing approach to motherhood", by Jodie Hedley-Ward invites you to look at your role as mother in new and empowering ways.

We sometimes need a fresh look at how to enjoy the journey of motherhood and in  this book Jodie redefines what it means to be a stay-at-home mum who is sexy, vibrant, healthy, happy and engaged in a life that has meaning and value.

When she became a mother herself, Jodie Hedley-Ward failed to find any book that supported her own beliefs about what motherhood could and should be, so she set about writing on herself. In particular, she wanted to explore several key concepts which include:

1) The idea that being a stay-at-home mum can be an exciting, fulfilling and even lucrative option.

2) To show via her own journey how it is possible to change from the stereotypical worn-out mum who is losing her sense of self, into a sexy, vibrant woman who embraces her role.

You Sexy Mother offers sensible advice on self-perception, self-respect, the importance of relationships, simplifying your life, creativity through motherhood, making use of community resources - and concludes with a transformational ten-day turnaround plan.

About the author: 
Jodie Hedley-Ward
has several degrees in marketing and worked as a marketing executive in the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand before marriage to David and two children. Born and educated in Dunedin, New Zealand, she now lives in Queensland, Australia. This is her first book and it is available from

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